Sanitec Benefits

Sanitec Technology Benefits
What you should know about Sanitec Microwave Disinfection Systems


Sanitec systems are recognized worldwide for their environmental compatibility. Because waste is processed at relatively low (203-212A^°F) temperatures, Sanitec does not create the volatile organic compound or substance emissions commonly associated with other treatment methods (e.g. incineration, autoclaving). There are no chemicals used in any part of the process, and there are no liquid discharges of any kind. Sanitec users have been awarded a number of organizational and governmental awards, including two Governor's Awards in Arizona and Illinois, for their commitment to a clean environment displayed by utilizing microwave disinfection technology.



Sanitec's completely automated lift/load and material handling capabilities, process and engineering controls virtually eliminate occupational exposures such as spill, lifting, and needlestick injuries associated with medical waste handling. Waste can be collected and stored at the point of generation, transported, and treated using a one-container system. No special (e.g. autoclavable) bags or boxes are required. All treatment functions are microprocessor controlled and digitally recorded. Noise and odor are minimized through engineering control features built into the system. Sanitec units have demonstrated an outstanding record for reliability and serviceability, with availability rates of up to 97%.



The Sanitec system is housed in an attractive, all-weather steel enclosure and requires only standard electrical and water hook-ups to install and operate. No sewer hook-ups or boiler lines are required. Installation is generally complete within a 24 to 48 hour period. The footprint is a very compact 10' x 22', and is compatible with hospital's image of cleanliness. All waste is contained within the system during processing, and not subject to blowing or scattering about the treatment area.


Disinfection Efficacy:

Sanitec units treat wastes to a verifiable 6log10 reduction of bacterial spores. Sanitec's level of treatment exceeds all regulatory standards including recommendations contained in the State and Territorial Association on Alternate Treatment Technologies (STA2T2) Report.


Waste Residue:

Wastes treated through the Sanitec system are thoroughly disinfected, unrecognizable, and reduced in volume by approximately 80% (saving valuable landfill space and reducing hauling requirements and costs). They are acceptable in any municipal solid waste program.


Field Experience:

The first Sanitec system was installed at Forsyth Memorial Hospital, Winston-Salem NC in March of 1990. Since that time, Sanitec units, now operating throughout the US and in several foreign countries, have processed in excess of 500 million pounds of RMW, and have accumulated over 250 years of combined field service experience. Sanitec is recognized within the industry as "the most widely used and regulatory accepted alternate system in the U.S." (Infectious Wastes News, December 1994).


Vendor Qualifications:

Sanitec management and staff have been exclusively and continuously in the business of manufacturing, distributing, and supporting microwave disinfection systems since 1990. Customer references are available upon request.


Product Benefits:

  • Significantly reduce costs

  • Promote worker safety

  • Reduce liability

  • Promote clean environment

The Environment:

  • No harmful air emissions

  • No liquid discharges

  • No chemicals to treat/store/discard

  • Waste residue reduced in volume by 80%

  • Safe for landfill disposal

Disinfection Efficacy:

  • Residence time and temperature microprocessor controlled

  • Microwave heating occurs from within

  • Effective on sharps and bulk liquids

  • Proven in independent laboratory tests

Operator Safety:

  • Automatic lift/load system eliminates double and triple waste handling

  • Standard electrical and water hook-ups

  • Interlocks and automated controls eliminate worker exposure

  • On board digital controls/self diagnostics


  • State-of-the-art shredding technology designed for medical waste stream

  • Proven in hospitals and commercial waste facilities since 1990

  • Made in the United States

Experts Agree:

Major studies in the U.S. and other countries have hailed the Sanitec Microwave Disinfection System as the best solution to a growing medical waste disposal problem. Noting the system's environmental friendliness, thoroughly disinfected waste residue, ease and safety of operation and overall reliability, experts agree that Sanitec provides the nation's health care community with the technology of tomorrow--Today! Microwave - *"The best alternative from the analysis is microwaving since it does not produce effluent or chemical emissions. It reduces the waste substantially as well as having proven disinfection abilities."

*Protecting Community Health: 3R's Solutions to Health Care Waste - Report for the Recycling Council of Ontario