Sanitec's Microwave Disinfection Sytems are capable of processing up to 1,800 lbs. (816KG) per hour of regulated medical waste including the following:

  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Dialysis Waste
  • Animal Tissues, Body Parts, and Carcasses 
  • Human Tissues, Body Parts, and Limbs 
  • Biological and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical
  • Needles, Syringes, and other Sharps
  • Research Waste 
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Surgery Waste 
  • Pathology and Histology Samples
  • Aids and Hepatitis Waste 
  • Isolation Waste
  • Cultures and Slides
  • Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags, and Associated Tubing 
  • Animal Bedding
  • Packaging Materials
  • Gloves, and Gowns Associated with Waste Collection 
  • Trace Chemotherapy/anti-neo plastic waste